Wiktoria Florek Abstract Art


I’m thrilled that you’re here

 I’m Wiktoria Florek, a mixed media abstract artist – soulful expressionist and the owner of WIKART.

My vision is to empower, inspire and spread passion all over the globe. Painting is a journey into the soul. And the soul is the place where infinitive possibilities arise. I paint my inner world, emotions, moods, state of mind… I believe that painted emotions my be  illuminating, empowering and liberating for the spectator.

My mission is to make you smile and laugh, infuse with joy, power, love, peace and mindfulness. My paintings are created with energy, passion, color and fearlessness. To inspire, fire up and empower the best of ourselves.

Barcelona International Art Fair A



ART enlightens our existence
I believe that art is empowering.
It transforms, moves and touches my heart in a way nothing else can do.
If you’re a bit like me you’ll know what I mean. And you’re in the right place.
In the place, where each piece is created with passion, love, color and lots of positive vibes, which are truly contagious.
Intuition, hunger and curiosity are my DNA.
Hearts  on fire
The greatest things (money wise, spiritually and emotionally) happen when our heart is on fire. When I paint my heart is on fire and this is why I’m doing it.
We are all one thing, part of the same, divine energy – art being the greatest form of energy that transmits the purest and the deepest frequencies of the soul. This is insanely powerful.
Your needs are my priority.
I truly, deeply care for each detail and take all the necessary time to dive into your skin on a deeper emotional and spiritual level so that the artwork you’ll receive will rock your life from now on till forever..


I’m thrilled you are interested!

The empowerment that works of art convey have incredible, transforming impact on every human being. Imagine the difference between empty walls and walls that are filled with powerful, meaningful pieces of art infused with your unique taste and personality.

My desire is to create works of art that will provide gratification, empowerment and enjoyment and will be treasured for many lifetimes. Invest in art you love now and let an artwork be a treasure that is kept and securely guarded with great love for generations.






I’m happy to create a custom piece tailored just for you or a unique personalised gift for the loved one. Learn more here.




Selecting an artwork can be challenging.

Differenct styles and techniques can overwhelm.

I’m here to help. Let’s chat and find out what type of painitng you need. We’ll focus on what matters most to you, your personal taste, the aesthetic of the space and it’s purpuse.  

Large paintings can be best appreciated in larger spaces and are hard to view in the hall whereas small piece can be fully appreciated in intimate corners.

It’s also important to take into the account the purpose of the space. You don’t want to have an exciting, activating painting in the room where you usually rest, but the office might be perfect for it to keep your mind energized and productive while working.

I take time to understand your desires to match it with the work of art that best fits your needs. I understand your constraints, and, can visit your home or office to better understand your space , determine your needs and sensibility, and so better suggest works that you’ll truly love and treasure for many lifetimes.

We can chat over skype if you’re far from Barcelona.

CONTACT: info@wikart.net