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    You might not consider yourself a “collector” but you do believe that art is a balm for the soul and that enhancing your environment enhances your life. And while you appreciate all kinds of creative expression, the art you’re most drawn to is bold and raw, and evokes untamed and wild energy and a reverence for the experimentation and exploration of the unknown.

    My name is Wiktoria Florek and that’s the type of art I do. While staying true to myself I follow the intuition and curiosity pouring the raw energy of the soul on canvas. Not knowing what the outcome will be.

    I’m interested in how the color and texture influences our state of mind and how it allows a deeper connection between the spectator and the artwork. Working with various media, my process demands motion, requiring the whole body and it consists of covering the surface with layers of paint. The rhythm is interrupted by scratches and marks creating a deep and dynamic universe of spaces. 

    While I acknowledge the limitations of the mind, I strongly believe in the limitless possibilities of the soul and each artwork I create reflects this belief.  With this in mind I’m seeking to create exciting, bold and empowering experience that evokes the power of our inner force.

  • 2017

    February: Escola d’Humanitats Artkhé, “Flow of Emotions”, Solo Exhibition, Barcelona 


    December: Barcelona International Art Fair, Barcelona

    November: Holistic Clinic & Galeria Gruning, “Personal Color”, Solo Exhibition,  Kraków

    June: Escola d’Humanitats Artkhé, Solo Exhibition, Barcelona

    May: Galeria Gruning, “Flow Zone”, Group Exhibition, Kraków


    “Soulmade” Art Festival, Barcelona

    “Private Art Viewing”, Solo Show, Sabadell

    “Breaking Ground”, Cor23 Art Gallery, Group Exhibition, Barcelona

    “Private Art Viewing”, Solo Show, Sabadell

    “Jordi Diaz Alamà & Barcelona Academy of Art”, Group Exhibition, Destil·leria,Mataró

    MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern), Collaboration, Barcelona


    “Dance Is Energy” Ballet Dancers Series, Solo Exhibition, Novum House, Krakow 

    Koelner Liste, Art Fair | Cologne


    Centro Cívico, Group Exhibition, Barcelona


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    “I got really blessed with obtaining Wiktoria‘s „Joy“ earlier this year. Before I reflect on this tremendous art piece I should perhaps share some general remarks. I must admit that I have never been into abstract art, and it was through Wiktoria that I found myself starting to understand this field of art – and most importantly feel it. Art can be very powerful, and one should definitelyexplore the interplay with its own personality.
    Moving on to „Joy“, one should know that I have not seen it live for the first time as it was exhibited in another city in Europe during my stay in Barcelona. The picture I found online was really inspiring and I felt connection with it straight away. Then it got delivered to my first domicile and I couldnt leave the room I put it in for an hour or so!
    Only very recently I got it at my living room wall in my flat in Paris and I receive the positive energy from it every morning. „Joy“ for me is about passion, optimism and risk-taking“ – values I explore every day. For this reason I also dont shy away from inviting friends over and sharing this energetic and bright painting by Wiktoria!”

    Jakub Michalik



    “Amazing paintings from a very talented artist! I highly recommend Wiktoria’s Artwork

    for those who like a combination of energetic colors and high quality paintings!”

    Kaja Ch.



    “I received Wiktoria’s painting from a friend as a wedding gift. It was a perfect gift!

    It’s so beautiful and full of positive energy!! My husband and I love it.”

    Aga & Brandon Wright



    “I have received Wiktoria’s painting as a gift and I loved it – very intense brave colours made the composition lively and appealing, several layers gave it an in-depth view allowing you to discover new figures and impressions in an expressive way, a real power pack.  In addition I bought few others in order to combine them in pairs or another way, but the first one stayed on its own. The other paintings I bought are a bit more calm, but there is always one or two leading colours and a different composition that catches your eye to tell you a story. And you can feel the emotions behind the work. They are good and positive put in an abstract way. Abstract, though inviting”.

    Krzysztof Dziecielak



    “When I recieved Wiktoria’s painting it instantly injected life and energy in me! Will be framing it up in my room to look at it every morning! I highly recommend Wiktoria’s art for raw, energetic pumps of zest and emotion into your life!”

    Tanya Sinha



    “It’s the first painting in my life. ‘Hot Chili’. Live it’s different than the one I bought in the online shop. In real I can observe the texture, the paint split and continuity – on the photo the painting is flat. I like looking at it in the artificial light, the colors become more intense and I can perceive the space, I also like looking at the details from very close, evaluating the harmony of colors or lack of it, wondering why the artist decided to use such colors. The painting became the focal point of the living room, I’m happy that it’s on my wall and that I can look at it. I definitely recommend”

    Mateusz Uram



    “It was the first painting I’ve ever ordered so I was a bit worried about the process and the outcome. But after our first conversation on skype all my doubts were gone. Wiktoria was attentive and focused on my needs, passions, personality. She took great care of each detail during the commission process and was very patient, taking the time to understand on a deeper level what I needed. The painting totally exceeded my expectations! I love it and it inspires me every day! I can’t wait to order another piece.”

    Ania Rakoczy




    “I love the painting, it looks gorgeous on my wall”




    “We love it [the painting]!!! I fell in love the moment I first saw it! we are very happy to have it and it looks so nice…! the walls won’t be white anymore! lots of kisses!”

    Pati G. & Jordi L.



    “Beautiful art and Beautiful Artist”

    Joanna Iskra