Dreamy Sky


Size: 100×100 cm | 39.4×39.4”,  Year: 2015

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The Sky Is The Limit… but what if there was no limit at all, what if we had an endless and infinitive power, wisdom and love inside us? What if this moment was the most perfect moment possible? I’ll tell you, it is perfect… Your soul is boundless, just take a moment to do nothing and you’ll become aware of your unlimited capacities.


· ORIGINAL PAINTING – one of a kind!

· Medium: mixed on canvas

· Year: 2015

· Size: 100×100 cm | 39.4×39.4”

· Created with universal simplicity and sophistication.

· Signed front and back. Ready to hang in any decor.

· Sold with a signed Certificate Of Authenticity.



*** Available through Grüning Gallery***

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