True vocation


Size: 42×30 cm | 16.5×12” Year: 2014

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Medium: acrylic on paper

Year: 2014

Size: 42×30 cm | 16.5×12”

This is an original and unique artwork from ‘Ballet Dancer Series’ by Wiktoria Florek. It’s ideal as a gift for a dancer, ballet lover or anyone with a passion for dance. Delicate ballet dancer on  salmon background conveys genuine harmony and serenity. The dominant soft salmon in psychic and astrological fields indicates having found one’s true vocation and being thoroughly happy with it. In the flower world, it indicates the presence of youth, joy and passion.

The artwork was first published on the artist’s blog with this words: ‘What is your true vocation? You don’t know? That’s ok. I know how hard it is to find one’s true vocation. I’ve been myself seeking long… Cause sometimes it takes time and you have to try many things. But keep trying until you find it. And when you’ll find, you’ll know. You’ll know cause you can’t get rid of it. It overwhelms and it insists. It insists strong until you follow it. Can you resist from your true vocation? Yes you can. Your fears and other people can help you resist. And you can listen to them or listen to your heart. The choice is yours. But if you choose your heart, you will choose happiness and freedom. You may not have money, you may loose some friends, you may loose relationships. Are you ready for that? No-ones ready. And you’ll not be ready unless you trust yourself more than you trust others. Listen to your heart and be you. Cause being you is being perfect. Everything else is poor imitation’.

You can feel gentle energising energy, joy and peace. You look at it and the salmon pink connects with your soul. It stimulates your unconscious to help find and follow what you truly want to do in life, what you truly want to become, what you are truly passionate about – your true vocation.

Artwork does not come framed.